Double Nachos
When single nachos just wont cut it.
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Start with Tillamook cheddar and nacho Doritos
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Shred cheese, sprinkle Cholula hot sauce
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Zap for 30 seconds, add cold Diet Pepsi
Maryann Maryann Step 1: Wait for wife to go out of town
Anj Anj haha I love Step 1
aaronglogas aaronglogas Step 2: buy diet pop cuz the nachos are healthy and u don't wanna ruin a good thing. LOL
bosbos1 bosbos1 Nice very well thought out
kellylovell3 kellylovell3 Nice!
mariegervaix mariegervaix Lol... <3<3
bkraker bkraker Nice lol
saket saket Nice
kyleethebug kyleethebug Looks good
nims nims Nice
idontknow idontknow Nuce
loveme4321 loveme4321 Looks nice and good
muda muda Looks veryy good
visud visud Getting hungry 😋
lilbro lilbro Taste 👅 so good