Turkey Lasagna
Easy turkey lasagna. 20 minutes prep, 90 minutes to cook.

The ingredients settle during bake, so don't worry if your layers look a mess!
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Noodles, turkey, spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, basil, parsley, red pepper, black pepper
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Brown turkey and garlic with a bit of olive oil
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Lightly spray pan, cover bottom with sauce. Then, stack 3 layers.
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One layer:
3 noodles
Cottage cheese
Sprinkle spices
Pasta sauce
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Sprinkle parmesan on top
Fill in sides halfway with red sauce
Cover with foil
Cook 45 minutes at 375
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Remove foil
Spoon sauce from sides over top
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Cook uncovered for 25 minutes
Cool for 15 minutes
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Anj Anj soo much more appetizing than dessert pizza or double nachos!
Matt Matt Ooh, that would be good. I'll need taller dish for sure