Daun Mint & Sambel Asam Manis
My dad used to eat this when he's on diet. He said mint leaf helps to 'clean' your blender.
It may looks bad but it definitely taste refreshing! BUT If you only try to eat the Mint leaf alone then it probably tastes horrible.. Haha. *sorry for my grammar*
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All you need to do is wash the mint leaf and make the Sambal Asam Manis. Sambal asam manis is a traditional ketchup in my country. It tastes bittersweet but YUMMY & goes well with anything! How to make it? Well, I don't really know!I'll ask my dad next time:P But don't worry, mint leaf also go well with tomato ketchup or regular chili :)
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Daun Mint & Sambel Asam Manis Rodeo Ice Blend & Ice Cream