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Ratatouille a la Remy (Confit Byaldi a la Thomas Keller)
only took me only two years after having left paris.
No picture available
No picture available
Plating is a bit rusty but you get the idea...
Maryann Maryann Looks amazing. Is this a main dish, or is it usually like a salad course?
alicevellani alicevellani I am sure it tastes as wonderful as it looks
coryline coryline Usually a sort of main dish (peasant foods after all) but here could be a side...
hamodajaouni hamodajaouni I love it
manueps manueps Mmmm!
nutmeg44 nutmeg44 It looks great! I would so eat that! Oh and don't worry if it doesn't come out good though I seriously doubt it will taste bad because it looks SO good!^_~
jeanclaudefontaine94 jeanclaudefontaine94 C c
thatgirl thatgirl Wow! That looks delicious!
bkraker bkraker Yummy
farnoosh farnoosh it
popsta20 popsta20 Stop!!!!!!
Your making me hungry
popsta20 popsta20 😆
I like it
shaphink shaphink I've had it. Can't go wrong. Delicious 😋